1. A low impact dance/aerobic mobiliser: Combined with a total body dynamic stretch routine.

  2. A progressive step routine: Which commences with low impact and incrementally evolves to synchronised partner step and ultimately, plyometrics.

  3. The advanced session: May then contain and embrace a unique resistance, muscular strength and endurance routine which introduces elements of contact sports and even Olympic lifting, power, and body sculpting.

  4. Floor work session: Involving dynamic stretches to improve range of movement.

  5. Fun dance routine: To re-mobilise and rejuvenate.

Graham's original concept is unique and personalised, but always fun and the ultimate fat burner, which promotes cardiovascular fitness and body sculpting benefits.

The whole gym is for the individual - because it's personal and unique.

However, if you have a group of like-minded friends that would enjoy Latin dancing, step or a super circuit session - followed by a sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi® session, then please don't hesitate to contact us!

A group class drawing on fun routines from all disciplines can be arranged to suit your needs, and may even be sport specific if that is your aspiration or desire.