At a fitness convention organised by the London Academy and attended by top fitness professionals from all over the UK, aspiring to receive the coveted Top Diploma awarded by the Register of Exercise Professionals (Level 4), Graham excelled with a Theoretical & Practical presentation that the directors and assessors present applauded and prompted the Chief Assessor & Course Director to comment:

“Graham Mitchell is a dynamic and empathic professional personal trainer whose energy, enthusiasm and motivational techniques, based upon his assertion that ‘everyone’ has qualities of excellence, make him the top personal trainer in this advanced cohort from the UK and is empirically the most experienced”.

Graham holds a Masters Degree in Education, Motivational Management & Leadership and his Psychology Degree Masters Thesis espouses the relevance of dynamic exercise programmes in relation to Social Learning and Self-actualisation.
When teaching, or participating with his clients in a wide variety of exercises - whether it is physical education, sport specific, body sculpting or just plain fun fitness. Mitch-Fit style is always safe, sophisticated, elegant and most importantly great fun!
His practical fitness presentations with clients from 18 - 80 years of age and group super circuit schedules are truly amazing...


  • Master Of Education with thesis in the role of exercise in social learning and self actualisation - motivation management, administration and leadership and behavioural psychology with it's emphasis on the role of exercise.

  • Diploma in Management studies with distinction in Marketing & Social Learning Theory.

  • Royal Society Of Arts diploma in dance, body sculpting, muscular strength and endurance, floor exercises, step and sports specific training.

  • British Amateur Weight Lifting, Power & Olympic Lifting senior coach.step exercise

  • International Institute Of Sport Therapists with advanced sports injury, manipulation and soft tissue techniques including Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation/Pilates.

  • Sports Massage Association.

  • National Register Of Personal Trainers, highest accreditation.

  • Register Of Exercise Professionals - achieving the prestigious masters degree equivalent of lower back injury specialist - level 4.

  • English Table Tennis Association coach and international player.

  • Squash Rackets Association coach and county player.

  • Diploma in teaching: sports science, anatomy, physiology, commercial and economic studies and social sciences.

Graham is a qualified teacher and holds a Masters Degree. He is also the holder of RSA Exercise to music, Aerobics, Power Step, Latin Dance, as well as a Table Tennis / Squash / Track & Field Athletics / Body Sculpting and Olympic Weight Lifting Coach. Graham has represented the County in all of these sports and also participated in Rugby and contact sport at a high level locally.

Graham is qualified as a Low Back Injury Exercise Specialist and is a qualified Sports Injury Therapist. Graham is proud to declare that in the decades that he has worked with individuals and groups of clients whether they are top fashion models or post cardiac rehabilitation groups, no-one has ever suffered an injury whilst training with him. Graham does not subscribe to Racism, Ageism or Sexism in any form.

Graham is a warm, friendly, empathic highly qualified fitness professional with a simple philosophy "Live fully while you may" and his catch phrase has produced many smiles and satisfied clients who always exceed their own aspirations because of Graham's higher expectations. Trust and commitment are the key words so "Let's Do It" with a tailor made programme of free style fitness that is individually structured just for you!

Graham has achieved a high level of excellence in a myriad of sport and fitness presentations but is most proud of the hundreds of successes achieved with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and ages in particular within the niche market of 50s to 80s, empathically preparing his clients both sports specifically and in fitness for life with dynamic schedules weight loss and body sculpting. Most importantly Mitch-Fit routines are fun and he always enjoys working with you because it's FUN and a life changing experience which empowers you to confidently and physically achieve your potential.

Graham is without doubt one of the top personal trainers in the UK and is certainly the most experienced. His progressive, dynamic fitness schedules are a delight and make those that depend upon machines or Boot Camp schedules appear pedestrian and boring. Graham is the real deal, just ask his many satisfied clients.

"Age is no barrier- Just a state of mind" So contact us now to arrange a free consultation. Lets do it!