"My personal training with Graham completely changed my life" - Jim

"I lost 5 stone in 15 months which gave me a whole new level of self-esteem" - Steve

"Graham gave me a new lease of life and the highlight of my week is my dance classes!" - Marie

"Continuing Graham’s routines at Officers Training College, my gratitude to you!" - Tavis

"I would recommend you to any back sufferer – in fact my only regret is I didn’t find you sooner!" - Jo

"Knowledgeable, informative and motivating personal trainer, whose enthusiasm is infectious" - Max

"Absolutely marvellous schedules without a doubt & the best in the business" - Jeremy

"We need you to do a lecture & fitness tour of New Zealand now" - Fiona Nobel-Doolan, PhD Fitness advisor to the New Zealand Gov't

"Every fitness session is a delight. You're the best" - Jenny


"I love the way your programme is very personal to your client, making it an excellent and interesting programme…great care, explanations and rapport with your client."

"Excellent use of choreography and exercise to music to mobilise and work your client through various exercises improving confidence, mobility, endurance and overall strength. Fantastic – I love it!"

"Mitch-Fit's fun fitness schedules and simple choreography are so exciting, dynamic and motivating I just had to join in."

Advanced Course Director