The latest statistics from the World health organisation illustrate that 50% of people in all societies suffer from Low Back Pain. In Britain over 60% of this population is likely to suffer from mechanical or neurogenic back pain from anything from a few days to over 12 weeks when it is construed as chronic.

The British Medical Association report findings published in the British Medical Journal February 2009 accept that there is at this time, no single panacea. However the greatest success to date has been shown by Low Back Exercise Specialists using an empathic psychosocial model. Graham is one of the very few specialists qualified in this field in the UK.

Graham Mitchell is one of the very elite group of highly experienced, empathic, psychosocial Low Back Pain Specialists. His unique dynamic style to specifically formulate fun exercises that do not rely on boring “core stability” or mat work are regarded as the bench mark.

Indeed assessors from the London Academy reported:
"I love the way your programme is very personal to your client, making it an excellent and interesting programme”.
“Great care, explanations and rapport with your clients.”
“Excellent use of choreography and exercise to music to mobilise and work your clients through various exercises improving confidence, mobility, endurance and overall strength. Fantastic – I love it!”
"Graham is undoubtedly one of the UK's most dynamic exercise professionals and is certainly the most experienced and empathetic Personal Trainer, who delights in preparing a regimen 'just for you'".

“I would recommend you to any back sufferer – in fact my only regret is I didn’t find you sooner!” Jo, 55
“Huge pain relief thanks to you and your staff for my classes, heat treatments and remedial massage” Phil, 59